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Tourism - Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta

Baron Beach Unlike Parangtritis, Baron Beach is still a beautiful and (except on Sundays) a quiet place. Located about 60 kms to the southeast of Yogyakarta, Baron bay offers a great panorama view over the steep coast to the east. You can take a walk to the nearby Krakal Beach (2 km) or drive to Kukup Beach (9 km) to the east. The beach forms a bay which protrudes between two green coral ridges. To reach it, you travel down a winding road through the mountain with lovely views over the green valleys and terraced limestone hills. It features the mouth of an underground river.
Banyu Nibo Temple can be visited easily after visiting Ratu Boko Temple. Fairly small, it is located in the middle of farmland about 2km south-east of Ratu Boko's Palace, flanked by Gunung Kidul hills to the south. The view of its exotic scenery makes this temple most enjoyable. Its slightly curved roof functions as the top of the stupa and gives the temple a certain allure. This Buddhist temple dates from the 9th century and has recently been restored.

Bird Market (Pasar Burung Ngasem) Ornithologists may find a variety of tropical birds available for sale and the interesting bird cages displayed on the wayside near the market is a fascinating sight. Business is from 9am to 4pm.
Borobudur Temple 42 km from Yogyakarta, this 1,200 year old Buddist temple, is a place of art and architecture and is one of the most famous temples in the world. The Waicak ceremony is held at both the Borobudur temple and Mendut temple in Magelang regency Buddhist followers from around the globe take a part in this religious ceremony that usually takes place in May.



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