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Pawon Temple, Budhist Temple in Middle Java Indonesia

Pawon Temple, Budhist Temple in Middle Java Indonesia - Pawon temple situated about 1.5 km into west from Mendut Temple and into East from Borobudur Temple. It is also the Buddha temple. If you see the detail of the relief completely, you will realize that is similar with the early relief of Borobudur temple.

Most of people estimate that Pawon temple is a grave. Nevertheless, after it was examine, Pawon temple is the places for saving the king of Indera’s weapon, which named Vajranala. This temple made from volcano stones. If it observes from the Pawon building architecture, shows the combination between the architecture of Ancient Java-Hinduism and Hind. Pawon temple is situates exact in axial line, which is connect the Borobudur tample and Mendut temple.

There is possibility that this temple established for Kubera. This temple situated on the top terrace and stairs that wider. All of entire of this temple are decorate with stupa (dagoba) and the outer wall with the symbolized pictures.



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